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About Us​

Our Story

Construction and Remodeling is not our life–it is only a part of our life.

Our main position in life is Christ Jesus. I am a Husband before I am anything. I am also a Father, a Poppy, and last but not least a Pastor. I have been a Preacher and Pastor for many years. Construction is only a part of my life to get by. I love what I do.

I have a Master’s Degree in Divinity (M.Div.) and a General Contractor’s license. I seems to be my lot in life to Pastor small churches that need a Preacher, churches that most preachers won’t Pastor. So being a General Contractor helps supplement my income.

What We Offer

We offer ‘anything home’. If I can’t do it then I have an ‘arsenal’ of family members that can–anything from pool installations, to major construction projects, to moving dirt, to complete remodels of houses.

We Understand Requirements

In the day that we live in, our customers are looking for someone with credentials. We have that! We are fully insured and licensed. My family members also have full coverage and licenses to accommodate any need you may have.

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We Take pride in our work

We try to do a great job for anyone. We DONT try to ‘treat it like it’s our house’. On my house, I may cut corners and have tendencies to not finish the job for years. We don’t treat our customers that way. We treat your house BETTER than ours.

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We Work hard please our customers

We realize it’s your hard-earned money that you are spending to get what you want. We work with our customers with design and planning to achieve the results you will be pleased with for years to come!